(My Most Popular Poem) I’m no author, novelist or poet. I’m just Me, And don’t I know it. I don’t need to be classified, As long as I’m writing, I’m satisfied.   Typing out words, line by line, I don’t care if they don’t rhyme. I don’t care if my verses don’t scan: I’m not […]

Forests of coral adorn the rocky ocean floor, Sheltered here in this sky-blue lagoon. See the golden sand, shining through the still waters, Fringed by plumes of palm. The warming sun is smiling, Flanked by fluffy white clouds. Gulls are calling Over the whispering sea. A tropical paradise Punctuated only By impromptu showers. Those colourful […]

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I’ve heard of some stupid reasons for hidden charges in my time but an extra £35 because my carpet is “going on the stairs” is a brilliant one. It’s not been added to the fitting because it’s awkward so may take longer, the fitting charge is entirely different. Nor…

Have just done an audit on my very top viewed pieces, and here is the result: 1)     “Mirror, Mirror” (poem) (on my Blogger Blog) – 7036; 2)     “Champion” (poem) (on Voicesnet) – 5989; 3)     (Paraphrase) Planets that might support life (article) (Knoji) – 1407; 4)     Buying TT Bat (article) (Knoji) – 1379; 5)     Star Spectral […]

(Photo Credit – Ciro of Love Emotion) You know, I felt sure I’d already written a second blog on here, but no sign of such so… I have effectively been retired from employment since 2006. Nearly seven years of freedom. That’s longer than my brief career as a teacher. Yet it seems to have flown […]

Hello Everyone. Some of you will be aware of my “Blogspot” (Google) blogs, which are themed. For example, I have one on writing: http://paulbutters-mywriting.blogspot.com/ Better still, see – https://paulbutterspoems.blogspot.co.uk/ For this one, however, I will revert to a straightforward diary. Rather like my elder nephew Nick Gamble, who has a blog on here. Right now […]