WordPress Blog Number Two – On Retirement and My Career

Autumnal Woods by Ciro

(Photo Credit – Ciro of Love Emotion)

You know, I felt sure I’d already written a second blog on here, but no sign of such so… I have effectively been retired from employment since 2006. Nearly seven years of freedom. That’s longer than my brief career as a teacher. Yet it seems to have flown by.

Many folk feel lost when they pack in work. It’s as though a man’s job is part of his identity. Not so in my case. I keep playing table tennis every week, and have the injuries to prove it. And I keep starting my sentences with conjunctions as I write for the internet. Rebel me.

Have plenty of household chores to catch up on too, but let’s not go there.

NB I say that I’m free from “employment” rather than “work”. There is a big difference. I still work on my TT and writing. Even do some housework and gardening occasionally. For me employment is just a sophisticated form of slavery.

Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy being a Careers Adviser. I saw myself as everyone’s “Career Coach” and loved counselling people about their plans and challenges. Most of the work was one to one questioning and discussion: most enjoyable. I even liked the odd class “talk” that I did occasionally. Most of the time the kids were fully engaged and well behaved, unlike my time as an English teacher.

I still wake up early in the morning from nightmares about teaching. It has left deep mental scars I’m afraid. Shame really, because on reflection teaching brought me out of myself and gave me some great skills. My teaching experience was a massive contributor to my successful career as a careers adviser. Should I apologise for blowing my own trumpet? I think not. The way I retired through ill health did not truly reflect what a great time I had in Careers Work. Whenever I went back to old schools such as Immingham they would shake my hand vigorously…

Nor should I keep on beating myself up about my own bad career choice at 18. Margaret Nash (Don Newton’s partner) once said I should have been a Librarian. Quite true. Yet maybe I needed to be dragged kicking and screaming out of my proverbial shell. Okay that was rather harsh on myself, and totally stupid, but hey, I learnt a hell of a lot from my mistake.

Sure, I hold my hands up: I should never have been an English teacher. To be honest, Geography, History or even Science would have been better choices. (I choose to give these subjects the capitals they deserve). I always had a “resources” issue when teaching English. In short I ran out of steam every year simply because I didn’t read enough. Hopefully the internet will help me put that right now (my lack of reading). Let’s not dwell on bad times.

Time for lunch soon. Right now I am at my sister Joan’s house, sitting on Mum’s “Enterprise Captain’s Chair”! Mum is in hospital today, waiting to have a heart monitor removed. At 92 that has to be a positive move, even if it scares her out of her wits. Bless her. Hope I have those longevity genes too. Nuff Said. Out.

Paul Butters



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  3. 17\2\18 Update – 12 years of retirement now. Facebook Mornings and 4 pub lunches a week with friends. Good stuff.

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