My Top 14 Viewed Works

Ryman League by billericaytownfc

Have just done an audit on my very top viewed pieces, and here is the result:

1)     “Mirror, Mirror” (poem) (on my Blogger Blog) – 7036;

2)     “Champion” (poem) (on Voicesnet) – 5989;

3)     (Paraphrase) Planets that might support life (article) (Knoji) – 1407;

4)     Buying TT Bat (article) (Knoji) – 1379;

5)     Star Spectral Types (article) (Knoji) – 1288;

6)     Beat the Bullies (blog) (Triond) – 1189;

7)     “Seashore” (poem) (Voicesnet) – 1178;

8)     “Our Universe” (poem) (Voicesnet) – 1147;

9)     Table Tennis Techniques (article) (Knoji) – 1138;

10) “Cyberspace” (poem) (Blog) – 938;

11) “Triond Tragedy” (blog) (Triond) – 866;

12) “Single” (blog) (Triond) – 827;

13) “Circles” (poem) (Hello Poetry);

14) “Frenetic Genetics” (poem) (Hello Poetry).

There we are. The significance of all this? If only I knew. Mostly I post on Triond. Until recently “Single” was easily my top piece on Triond but “Bullies” has swept past it recently. My poem “New Eden” did well on Hello Poetry but was later overtaken by those above plus two more.

If only I could stand factual writing: all my Knoji posts feature above! Yet my top two are poems! No way could I have predicted this list. I rate “Circles” the best of these. My Bullies blog has some good ideas in it too. Nuff Said.

10\4 Update: on 8\4 “Beat the Bullies” had 1383 V but today it is 1588 V. “Beyond Jane” site has had 1395 V recently. Currently 77% of my views are from USA (on Triond) and only 11% from UK. Yes the Americans have taken over with their bullying issues. Out.

18\4 Update: “Beat the Bullies” has now had 2552 Views! Out.

15\5\14 Update: “Bullies” – 26,118 Views and still rising. “Single” is still 827! “Mirror, Mirror” is now 7,147.

Paul Butters


One comment

  1. 17\2\18 Update – My Most Viewed poem is “Me, Paul Butters” on Hello Poetry, currently at 16K. “Bullies” above was superceded on Triond by “Crake Cake”, a spoof article that clocked 100,000+ or even 200,000+ Views (can’t recall exactly) before Triond closed down and vanished. I got hardly a comment on those Triond articles so who knows what that was all about???

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