What a Rant!

Strawberry Blonde Comedy

I’ve heard of some stupid reasons for hidden charges in my time but an extra £35 because my carpet is “going on the stairs” is a brilliant one. It’s not been added to the fitting because it’s awkward so may take longer, the fitting charge is entirely different. Nor is it because of the measurement of going up and around, that’s been worked out and accounted for in the estimate. It doesn’t need to be reinforced as it’s a hard wearing carpet recommended for stairs and hallways. So as far as I can tell, the salesman simply doesn’t like stairs.
Well I’m sorry my friend but your job is to sell the carpet not instruct and penalise for wrongful use of it in your poxy opinion, once I’ve bought it the transaction ends there, it’s up to me where I put the bloody thing – oh it’s for the kitchen…

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