Me, Paul Butters

(My Most Popular Poem)

I’m no author, novelist or poet.

I’m just Me,

And don’t I know it.

I don’t need to be classified,

As long as I’m writing, I’m satisfied.


Typing out words, line by line,

I don’t care if they don’t rhyme.

I don’t care if my verses don’t scan:

I’m not always an Iambic Man.


I just say what I gotta say,

I’m not worried about any pay.

Words come to me without much bidding,

The world of its evils I hope to be ridding.


I love to spread lots and lots of Love,

Bringing peace to all like a messenger dove.

Things of beauty bring joy, John Keats rightly said,

To make us sleep easy when we go to bed.


So I’ll paint what I paint,

And sing what I sing,

Just letting those words

Do their magical thing.


Paul Butters


One comment

  1. 16K Views now and still “top of my pops I believe. 🙂

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