City V Leeds by Daily Mail Feb 13welcome-beach1 by Abigail

Hello Everyone. Some of you will be aware of my “Blogspot” (Google) blogs, which are themed. For example, I have one on writing:


Better still, see – https://paulbutterspoems.blogspot.co.uk/

For this one, however, I will revert to a straightforward diary. Rather like my elder nephew Nick Gamble, who has a blog on here.

Right now I am watching the ESPN analysis of the Man City Vs Leeds United FA Cup tie (4-0 to City). As I said on Facebook, £205 Million beats £1.3 Million! Like me, the commentators are baffled why Italian defenders playing Celtic last week were unpunished for throwing opponents down in the box, while today City received a penalty for a light brush on the face.

Still, I don’t begrudge City their luck. They played some brilliant football today and we might need City to stop THEM! (Manchester United) from winning the Cup. It will be bad enough the aptly named Red Devils snatching the Premiership and putting it in their swag bag.

For Leeds it will be the old adage of concentrating on the league and trying to start a challenge for promotion. Both these managers will be hoping that rumours about them being sacked after today’s match are but rumours.

That’ll do for now. I know you internet dwellers hate reading things at length. Looking forward to seeing today’s “Top Gear” as Nick is on their production team. Out.

Paul Butters


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